1up Productions and Entertainment website launch

Wang-Wang is a slang for Siren, commonly used by ambulance, police cars and fire trucks in case of emergency. But some politicians and businessmen are also using it for them to  be exempted to the traffic rules. Lately, President Noy Aquino encouraged all people not used it as he will not gonna use it as well.

Now, 1up productions will be using Wang-Wang to make some noise about their upcoming website, where yours truly is involved. But of course literally, it is not the real Wang-Wang, as it is prohibited to be used and we should follow.

1up Productions is an entertainment outfit where its aim is to bring out filipino talents when it comes to music and to give you entertainment. Circa, Ginoong Vitalis and Synkryon are the bands under the management who are playing their music every 1up events.

On July 21, 2010, 1up Productions and Entertainment will be launching their very own website, which news and articles from its members will be featured. Popular bands like Mayonnaise, Sugarhiccup and Mithi will be there to support the launching.

There are a lot of stuffs to discover on 1up Productions website and the entrance is free, so you better be there and surely you will be entertained.

Mageenjoy ka na mageenjoy ka pa? san ka pa?!

For bookings and invites:
1UP Productions & Entertainment
Bhel Alba – 09157852943


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