Circa, the new generation of RakenRule!


Circabanda at Sazi's Bar

Music rebels despite all adversity… The mutual love for this art has drawn 5 individuals into one group goal of making a name they can call their own… Reycarl Olarte (drummer) and Sam Salantes (guitarist) pulled out from a melodic pop band to fulfill their desire to experiment in emo-core and modern rock… They set off into a new band giving birth to CIRCA (def. circular, cycle), embedding music as the drive to continue the cycle of life…
The two shared this vision to their long time gig buddy JC Asuncion (guitarist)… They then agreed to hold auditions for the vocals to bring into life raw lyrics and original compositions ensemble… Em Tolentino (vocalist) stood up and was chosen after she left the band in awe with her voice and character… Some time later, Devi Dayanghirang (bassist) was invited to take part in their journey and finally, completed the line-up…

The quintet began to shape their music compromising different ideas from a pool of influences – Paramore, Urbandub, Up Dharm Down, Anberlin, Saosin, Last Winter, Bullet for my Valentine, Foo Fighters, etc… Together they bring into harmony heart-captivating originals, experimental sounds and intense feelings trying to put a mark of individuality in creating their own kind of music…
The band aspires to reach its audience through its emotionally driven songs namely Muli, Habang Buhay, Iniwan sa Dilim, Huling Pag-ibig, Hintay, Ambivalent Anxious, Never Be, Inside Scream and Mask… These are pieces relative to one’s encounter of love, sadness, angst, coping up, faith and being alive…
They have walked through a lot of uneven roads and tried their best to balance themselves during their travel… With raw passion burning within them, they soldier on fueled by the love and appreciation shown by their families, friends and new faces they met along the way… Today, they are putting their songs on tracks eyeing to release an independent EP first quarter next year…
Em Tolentino ~ Vocals
JC Asuncion ~ Guitars
Sam Salantes ~ Guitars
Devi Dayanghirang ~ Bass
Reycarl Olarte ~ Drums

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