AD-For (The most advance advertisement today)

After the suspension of this account, Let’s go back to business..

First of, i would like to write this in tag-lish. But for the benefit of my english readers i will just write this in english (as much as i can, LOL).

I have been a long time member of pay to click (PTC) programs since 2010, but never got any chance to get big money out of it. Until i have some chit-chats with my old friends from the previous company i worked with. They offered me something i know that will be so much benificial for me.

Let me introduced to you… Ad-for!



What is Ad-for?

Ad-for was formed by IT professionals from differecnt countries like USA, Singapore, Dubai, Philippines and a lot more. Their mission is to change people’s way to earn money online. Because, there are a lot of internet marketers, like me, that are wasting their time in clicking ads but they are really not getting profit to it.

AD-For is one of the NETWORKING PROGRAM that is internet-based. AD-For is different with other networking programs, you don’t need to sell products that you perhaps don’t want or maybe you are not interested with. You will be paid in AD-For by various companies like Adidas, Nike, Victoria Secret, Cebu Pacific, Sun Cellular and a lot more. Such companies are paying people to view their advertisements online. And that’s what you will do when you register to You will be paid by clicking and viewing advertisements from such companies.

AD-For is like television channels (GMA-7, ABS-CBN and TV5), Radio stations, newspaper and internet advertising giants (facebook, twitter, google etc.) AD-for is like these giant advertising mediums because they are all getting profits from advertisements. The only difference is, in AD-For, viewers are being paid by viewing these advertisements.

How to join to AD-for?

Because it’s easy to earn from AD-For, what you will be doing is also very simple. Make sure that you know how networking works. If you already know or have been in other networking programs, i bet you’ll benefit a lot from this. But if not, make sure that you market this on facebook and on twitter.

Look for a sponsor (like me) that will help you in every process. You need to register with your sponsor. Pay the registration fee of P1,750 or $35. After paying, have your account be activated by your sponsor. Once your account is activated, log-in to your account and click on the very first advertisement for you. You’ll earn right after you click on your very first advertisement. That’s what you will be doing everyday. Log-in to your account everyday for you to view your advertisements, and you will earn everyday just by doing that.

If you want to know more, contact your sponsor or email me at Or go to

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