Rockrakan Na! GMA-7’s Party Pilipinas opened their stage for independent bands.. see who got it first!

Last October 7, 2012, GMA-7’s Party Pilipinas open it’s door for independent bands to be seen on Nationwide TV. Most Probably, part of making OPM alive (more alive) is their concern. Together with Wolfgang, Circa got the chance to be included in the first batch of bands. It’s not just playing on stage and in front of the camera, but sharing the same stage with the most prestige band, Wolfgang is really an all-experience. Besides, It is an opportunity for bands like Circa to showcase their talents, let you hear them play, and listen to their songs. This could be the start of another rise for OPM.

To see how they performed last sunday, check the link below or click this <–. And DON’T FORGET to LIKE and SHARE, so band like circa will have another chance to be on stage and make the OPM and music industry boom!


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Circa, the new generation of RakenRule!


Circabanda at Sazi's Bar

Music rebels despite all adversity… The mutual love for this art has drawn 5 individuals into one group goal of making a name they can call their own… Reycarl Olarte (drummer) and Sam Salantes (guitarist) pulled out from a melodic pop band to fulfill their desire to experiment in emo-core and modern rock… They set off into a new band giving birth to CIRCA (def. circular, cycle), embedding music as the drive to continue the cycle of life…
The two shared this vision to their long time gig buddy JC Asuncion (guitarist)… They then agreed to hold auditions for the vocals to bring into life raw lyrics and original compositions ensemble… Em Tolentino (vocalist) stood up and was chosen after she left the band in awe with her voice and character… Some time later, Devi Dayanghirang (bassist) was invited to take part in their journey and finally, completed the line-up…

The quintet began to shape their music compromising different ideas from a pool of influences – Paramore, Urbandub, Up Dharm Down, Anberlin, Saosin, Last Winter, Bullet for my Valentine, Foo Fighters, etc… Together they bring into harmony heart-captivating originals, experimental sounds and intense feelings trying to put a mark of individuality in creating their own kind of music…
The band aspires to reach its audience through its emotionally driven songs namely Muli, Habang Buhay, Iniwan sa Dilim, Huling Pag-ibig, Hintay, Ambivalent Anxious, Never Be, Inside Scream and Mask… These are pieces relative to one’s encounter of love, sadness, angst, coping up, faith and being alive…
They have walked through a lot of uneven roads and tried their best to balance themselves during their travel… With raw passion burning within them, they soldier on fueled by the love and appreciation shown by their families, friends and new faces they met along the way… Today, they are putting their songs on tracks eyeing to release an independent EP first quarter next year…
Em Tolentino ~ Vocals
JC Asuncion ~ Guitars
Sam Salantes ~ Guitars
Devi Dayanghirang ~ Bass
Reycarl Olarte ~ Drums

to check more, go to or

Philippine Government Needs To Tighten Website Security

Following last week’s hostage incident in Manila, security breaches continued to haunt the Philippines, even in the virtual world.

The Philippine National Police website,, was down for several hours due to attacks from alleged “hacktivists.” The official website of Bulacan,, was hacked by a group claiming to be from China and Malaysia, a page inserted demanding an apology from the Philippines for the August 23 hostage crisis. The Philippine Information Agency website,, was also defaced over the weekend, its homepage bearing the words “Hacked by 7z1″ and signature “Black Matrix Team |”. The Hagonoy, Bulacan homepage,, showed the Chinese flag and Chinese characters that translated to “Do not underestimate our pain … Hackers from China by custom group F.M.T.”, with a dialog box saying, “You make me angry.”

Government officials have yet to confirm if the hackers who defaced the websites of government agencies were indeed from Hong Kong and China, or if the hacking was done locally and merely taking advantage of the situation.
Fortunately, the hacking incidents did not affect any vital government services as all the sites that were attacked were merely “brochure” sites with no interaction or database-building required between the particular government websites and the users. The hacking incidents only underlined the lack of security of government websites.

Presidential Communications and Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma said Malacañang has alerted all government agencies to review and improve security of their websites. “We are adopting best practices to lessen the vulnerability of our websites to hacking and other cyber crimes,” he said.

Carlo Ople, the country’s first Certified E-Marketing Consultant says, “It’s more of a PR thing especially now that the temperature is a bit high.” He added that hackers can compromise a website by exploiting various weaknesses such as outdated scripts, third-party plug-ins or outdated software on the site, or even using programs to get a lot of computers to access a site to consume all the bandwidth and cause it to crash.
Ople adds that the Philippine government should tap reputable hosting companies to secure high-profile government websites. He also recommended employing the top IT professionals, a lot of whom are Filipinos, to help make government websites more secure

***this is reposted from the website
credits to them

Bakit nga ba?

Bakit kaya minsan ang sarap magmahal kahit
walang kapalit??? naisip mo na ba iyon? kala mo
okey lang… pero sobrang hirap…

Masarap magmahal hindi ba? Kahit ikaw, hindi ka
sigurado sa pag-ibig ng taong mahal na mahal
mo… Minsan iniisip mo na lang na pagdating ng
tamang panahon magiging maayos din ang lahat…
Sana nga!!! Nang hindi ka naman mukhang tanga
na umaasa sa wala…

Minsan din ang sarap sarap isipin na minamahal
ka ng taong mahal mo!!! yung tipong kayo na lang
sana at hindi ang lalakeng nakikita mong kasama
nya na masaya at akala ang buong mundo ay
kanilang kanila…

Minsan din ang sarap bumalik sa nakaraan… yung
tipong masaya pa kayo, parang mga batang
walang problema… kung meron man parang,
against all odds ang settings… pero may nakabitin
pa ring tanong… ano kayang nangyari??? pero ang
kadalasang kasagutan e:

1. kasi di pala kami para sa isat-isa;
2. Nagkamali ako sa kanya;
3. iniwan lang nya ko ;
4. may iba na syang mahal;
5. niloko lang nya ko;
6. Di ako gusto ng parents nya;
7. ayoko na puro nalang kami away;
8. masyado nya kong sinasaktan;
9. nagsawa na sya sakin;

pero ito pinaka masakit;.

10.hindi pala nya talaga ako mahal (parang
panakip butas)

Grabe hindi ba??? Pero kailan kaya natin maririnig
na nagpapasalamat ang isang umiibig sa taong
nakasakit at sinaktan sya??? minsan naisip din
kaya natin na kung ano ang kahalagahan ng isang
bagay??? Yung kailangang bigyan ng halaga
habang nandyan pa! Minsan kasi, saka lang natin
nalalaman ang kahalagahan ng isang bagay
pag wala na ito sa atin!!!

kaya minsan din isipin natin yung mga sinasabi,
ikinikilos, ginagawa natin kasi hindi lahat ng tao
kayang tanggapin kung ano at paano natin
ginagawa ang isang bagay!!! subukan nating
magpasalamat sa kabila ng lahat…

A. kung sinaktan ka nya… magpasalamat ka dahil
sya ang dahilan para tumibay ka;

B. kung niloko ka nya… patawarin mo at
pasalamatan mo… dahil kung hindi sa kanya hindi
mo mararamdam ang sakit na pwede ding
maramdaman ng iba… at least hindi mo gagawain
sa iba;

C. kung hindi ka nya minahal… pasalamatan mo!!!
dahil at least kahit papano na-feel mo na minahal
ka nya kahit hindi, pasalamat sya dahil ikaw
minahal mo sya ng buong buo;

minsan kailangan lang natin harapin kung ano man
ang nakasakit sa atin… piliting kalimutan… piliting
harapin kung ano ang noon… noon lang yun… iba
ang ngayon!!! dahil kung nasaktan ka man noon,
ngayon mag-iingat ka na at alam mo na kung ano
dapat at hindi para hindi masaktan.

mahalin mo ang mga taong nakasakit sayo dahil
sila ang dahilan para maging matibay ka!!!! para sa
susunod di kana basta-basta padalos-dalos.
pasalamatan mo ang taong nakasakit sayo…

sino ba ang mas mahalaga, ang taong mahal mo o
ang taong gusto mong mahalin???

ang taong kasama mo buong araw o ang taong
iniicip mo bago matapos ang araw???

siya bang kasa-kasama mo sa lahat ng ginagawa
mo o siyang dahilan ng lahat ng galaw at ginagawa

sino ba ang mas mahalaga… yung taong nais
mong makasama habang buhay o yung taong
hindi mo makita ang habang buhay kapag wala

Sino ang mas matimbang… yung taong pag
kasama mo’y parang kay bilis ng oras o yung
taong tuwing iniicp mo’y parang kay bagal ng

ano ang susundin mo… ang dinidikta mo sa puso
mo o ang dinidikta ng puso mo syo?

sya ba un laging pumapasok sa isip mo o siya
yung laging laman ng panaginip mo?

Sino nga ba… ang taong nagpaluha syo, o ang
taong nagpunas sa minsang pagluha mo?

Sino sa kanila… ang taong nagpapatawa syo o
ang taong dahilan ng lahat ng iyong emosyon?

SIno nga bang pipiliin mo???



First Kiss..

What do we have here and what am i supposed to put in here? those were the questions i first have in my mind when i opened up this site.

Well, since i am into photography and i love exploring and travelling different islands here in the Philippines, i decided to put up a blog where everybody else will see different places here in my beloved country; like you were here. I will tell you stories of my travel and whatever i experience.

I will try to keep this blog strictly to travel and photography.

Thanks for visiting my page.


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