Rockrakan Na! GMA-7’s Party Pilipinas opened their stage for independent bands.. see who got it first!

Last October 7, 2012, GMA-7’s Party Pilipinas open it’s door for independent bands to be seen on Nationwide TV. Most Probably, part of making OPM alive (more alive) is their concern. Together with Wolfgang, Circa got the chance to be included in the first batch of bands. It’s not just playing on stage and in front of the camera, but sharing the same stage with the most prestige band, Wolfgang is really an all-experience. Besides, It is an opportunity for bands like Circa to showcase their talents, let you hear them play, and listen to their songs. This could be the start of another rise for OPM.

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Philia Band

Philia Theory of a Bum

Philia Band based in manila, fronted by Mona Arci Munoz with members Dion Ignacio on Rhythms Kristian Uy on Lead Guitars, Tim Toribio on Bass and on Drums is Paolo Pampuan.

Arci Munoz is an actress and a commercial model, she is a finalist of the well known reality artista search on Philippine Television; Starstruck season 3. She was one of the representative for 2008 Asia Supermodel Competition. She is still active as an actress and can mostly seen on GMA channel 7. Dion Ignacio, became famous after he joined starstruck. An actor and regularly appearing on different shows in GMA. While Paolo Pampuan is a former drummer of the band “Saydie”, a well known band in the Philippines. Kristian Uy is a former guitarist of the famous band “AGAPE.

Philia is a grunge-melodic-post hardcore band touring on several bars in Metro Manila. Based on their Facebook account, their goal is to be seen and to be knowned internationally. The band is recently recording their originals and soon to be available in record stores.

You may check more info on the link below:



Artistang Pinoy


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1up Productions and Entertainment website launch

Wang-Wang is a slang for Siren, commonly used by ambulance, police cars and fire trucks in case of emergency. But some politicians and businessmen are also using it for them to  be exempted to the traffic rules. Lately, President Noy Aquino encouraged all people not used it as he will not gonna use it as well.

Now, 1up productions will be using Wang-Wang to make some noise about their upcoming website, where yours truly is involved. But of course literally, it is not the real Wang-Wang, as it is prohibited to be used and we should follow.

1up Productions is an entertainment outfit where its aim is to bring out filipino talents when it comes to music and to give you entertainment. Circa, Ginoong Vitalis and Synkryon are the bands under the management who are playing their music every 1up events.

On July 21, 2010, 1up Productions and Entertainment will be launching their very own website, which news and articles from its members will be featured. Popular bands like Mayonnaise, Sugarhiccup and Mithi will be there to support the launching.

There are a lot of stuffs to discover on 1up Productions website and the entrance is free, so you better be there and surely you will be entertained.

Mageenjoy ka na mageenjoy ka pa? san ka pa?!

For bookings and invites:
1UP Productions & Entertainment
Bhel Alba – 09157852943

Circa @ Converse Spark Creativity Event

It’s quite a while since the last time I’m with Circa, Ginoong Vitalis and the rest of 1up productions. Being busy with a lot of stuff and with my photography and with my work made me missed them. Even though I only have 3 hours of sleep I still went to the event to see them and of course to have their pictures taken.

Converse Spark Creativity Event is a hodgepodge of Games, Art, Music and Surprises.  Callalily, Silent Sanctuary, Kenyo and Sugarfree are the mainbands who performed that night. Other bands like Ginoong Vitalis and Circa Started the Event just so right.  Barbie Forteza, my niece and nephews fave was there as well, but I never had the chance to take pictures of her.

I was so late because of the 2 hour traffic jam in Malabon and in EDSA. But I was still able to catch Circa. Drizzle can’t stop me from clicking on my shutter.  And when the rain starts, I was left alone near the stage where everybody else and most of the photographers went under the tent. And no one can stop me.. hahaha..

I was not able to take pictures of Ginoong Vitalis because I am late.. yes, I know I am late. and I blame the heavy traffic.. had a chit-chat with Ivan (drummer) and Anver (Bassist). and so Jek left already.. sayang naman.. 🙂

Circa played Habang Buhay, Mask, Never Be, Hintay and Muli. Those are the singles that you will hear when they launch their album, soon and hoping for it to be sooner. As expected, JC (guitars) danced and jumped to the breath-taking beat of Rey(drums) and with Devi’s (Bass) melodic bass. and Sam (guitars) showed off his undeniable talent with his riffs. And of course, Em (vocals) who has a remarkable voice and with her headshake move that brings the band and their music rock. A promising band, indeed!

After, we went to The Coffee Bean to discuss about the upcoming 1up prod’s website. The meeting was so fun and everyone is so happy, even though our mobile and ipods/iphone can’t connect to the free wifi of Araneta Center. But Archie’s laptop is connected, that’s ok. The demo was on the laptop.

Overall, the day ended with a very big smile from all and everyone is so excited with the launching of 1up Production and Management’s Website on July 21, 2010 at Obsidian Bar.

***you may view pictures on my multiply.,